It's believed that SPDY is a huge DDoS vector by itself

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Wed Jan 29 00:30:30 UTC 2014

I think what you both request is interesting.
However, I would like to push the analysis further.

Is seems SPDY design is flawed because it enables flexibility and offer new
features compared to HTTP without taking into account the very basis of a
protocol: being efficient by allowing quick and inexpensive routing of its

Some other projects drafted towards HTTP/2.0 are made with efficiency in
One of them is called *HTTPbis* and has been first drated mid-2012 by 4
interesting guys: Willy Tarreau (HAProxy), Poul‐Henning Kamp (Varnish),
Adrien de Croy (WinGate) and Amos Jeffries (Squid).
Look at that: 1 load-balancing guy, 1 cache one and 2 proxy ones... Those
guys definitely want to avoid leveraging (D)Dos attacks!

They coopareta with other teams (SPDY one being one of them), but I like
the approach they took at the very beginning.

Is the nginx team aware of that project?
Does it seems interesting enough so nginx could support it in the near
future? Or do you have any plans around HTTPbis?
*B. R.*
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