It's believed that SPDY is a huge DDoS vector by itself

Piotr Sikora piotr at
Wed Jan 29 00:46:42 UTC 2014


> Some other projects drafted towards HTTP/2.0 are made with efficiency in
> mind.
> One of them is called HTTPbis and has been first drated mid-2012 by 4
> interesting guys: Willy Tarreau (HAProxy), Poul‐Henning Kamp (Varnish),
> Adrien de Croy (WinGate) and Amos Jeffries (Squid).
> Look at that: 1 load-balancing guy, 1 cache one and 2 proxy ones... Those
> guys definitely want to avoid leveraging (D)Dos attacks!

HTTPbis isn't a protocol, it's the name of an IETF working group
responsible developing and maintaining HTTP.

What you're referring to is called "Network-Friendly HTTP Upgrade":

But HTTPbis chose SPDY as a base for HTTP/2.0, so there is no point in
adding support for all the proposed alternatives (even if they are
indeed better).

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Piotr Sikora

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