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> - Support multiple audio tracks for the same video so on one hand the
> viewer,prior to playing the video, could choose a soundtrack language (i.e.
> English, French etc.) and on the other hand I wont need to duplicate the
> video for each language. Also, if this is possible - do I need to embed all
> audio tracks into the same video file in advance or are they going to be
> separate files, combined on the fly?
> - Support DRM, so the video can be encrypted on the disk and "certificates"
> be generated on the fly to the viewers after they got identified?

​Those are backend behavior.
Why are you asking about all that on the nginx (ie webserver) ML?

Keep in mind: reading 'DRM' could turn people away from helping you.
Closed mind concepts = Closed mind help​

​= How much are you willing to pay for it? :oP
It is strange to see people *removing the ability to share* videos using
technology provided to them for *free* by the FOSS way of thinking...

Btw I am sure that you would be considering Nginx Plus. :oD​
*B. R.*
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