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Mon Jul 28 11:37:50 UTC 2014


On 26 Jul 2014, at 06:11, ishiber <nginx-forum at> wrote:

> I am going to deploy a streaming server and stream video using HLS and want
> to use Nginx. I have a few special requirements that I wanted to understand
> whether Nginx supports. 
> It would be great if anyone knows whether Nginx could be configured to do
> the following over HLS:
> - Support multiple audio tracks for the same video so on one hand the
> viewer,prior to playing the video, could choose a soundtrack language (i.e.
> English, French etc.) and on the other hand I wont need to duplicate the
> video for each language. Also, if this is possible - do I need to embed all
> audio tracks into the same video file in advance or are they going to be
> separate files, combined on the fly?

All audio/video tracks are copied from the mp4 to the HLS.
So the viewer can choose any tracks at client side (if the client software can do that).
If you want nginx to choose the tracks on certain criteria while generating HLS,
that’s not supported now, but this feature is in the roadmap.

> - Support DRM, so the video can be encrypted on the disk and "certificates"
> be generated on the fly to the viewers after they got identified?

DRM is not supported in the HLS module, but it’s in the roadmap as well.

You can write to nginx-inquiries at for more details and feature requests.

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