[ANN] Windows nginx WhiteRabbit

c0nw0nk nginx-forum at nginx.us
Thu Jul 31 14:39:47 UTC 2014

I also noticed you added the PHP and Nginx User setups for security would
you also add a FTP / MySQL option even though it is easy for us to just edit
the vb scripts to suit our needs for other services but i was just thinking
for others.(Maybe they are lazy)

I am not sure if anyone else uses the following program
https://bitsum.com/processlasso/ but for me in a server enviorment it works
wounders i can set the CPU affinities and seperate Nginx from PHP to its own
CPU Cores. But i am curious if it is a bad thing to do this when i have
"worker_processes auto;" set to be auto and create the number of Nginx
instances for the number of CPU cores avaliable.

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