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Thu Jul 31 15:39:18 UTC 2014

c0nw0nk Wrote:
> I also noticed you added the PHP and Nginx User setups for security
> would you also add a FTP / MySQL option even though it is easy for us
> to just edit the vb scripts to suit our needs for other services but i
> was just thinking for others.(Maybe they are lazy)

The way we made those scripts show that anything is possible with Windows
with security in mind and minimal effort, there is no excuse for not
securing nginx / php or laziness anymore.

> PHP to its own CPU Cores. But i am curious if it is a bad thing to do
> this when i have "worker_processes auto;" set to be auto and create
> the number of Nginx instances for the number of CPU cores avaliable.
> http://nginx.org/en/docs/ngx_core_module.html#worker_processes

Whatever works best for you, there are many tools to force cpu affinity, for
some apps 1 worker/cpu works best for other apps 2 workers/cpu works better.
There is no clear guideline other then testing/tuning everything not just

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