CGI support - Sorry to bring it up

Lyle webmaster at
Thu May 8 14:11:24 UTC 2014

Hi All,
   We've built a new EC2 server based on Virtualmin + Nginx. I've seen 
Nginx recommended a lot over the years so thought if we are moving to 
the cloud, and want things to be optimal, then it's time to give it a 
go. Before our setup has been Virtualmin + Apache (with suexec and fcgid).

For some of our old Perl CGI scripts we've hit the issue I'm sure most 
of you are familiar with. I've searched for solutions and have found a 
number, all of which have various caveats. It's unclear as to what they 
best way to deal with this is. Along with plain CGI (and fastcgi) suexec 
is an important security feature to ensure that compromised scripts 
don't have permission to wreak havoc on other user accounts, and run 
things with tight permissions (along with sorting our FTP script upload 
issues you can have).

There are various hack arounds for suexec style behaviour, I haven't 
figured yet how they can work with the CGI workarounds.

It seems like this is such a common demand that there should be an 
established (efficient and reliable) solution to deal with it by now?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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