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Thu May 8 14:20:29 UTC 2014

> Hi All,
>    We've built a new EC2 server based on Virtualmin + Nginx. I've seen
> Nginx recommended a lot over the years so thought if we are moving to
> the cloud, and want things to be optimal, then it's time to give it a
> go. Before our setup has been Virtualmin + Apache (with suexec and fcgid).
> For some of our old Perl CGI scripts we've hit the issue I'm sure most
> of you are familiar with. I've searched for solutions and have found a
> number, all of which have various caveats. It's unclear as to what they
> best way to deal with this is. Along with plain CGI (and fastcgi) suexec
> is an important security feature to ensure that compromised scripts
> don't have permission to wreak havoc on other user accounts, and run
> things with tight permissions (along with sorting our FTP script upload
> issues you can have).
> There are various hack arounds for suexec style behaviour, I haven't
> figured yet how they can work with the CGI workarounds.
> It seems like this is such a common demand that there should be an
> established (efficient and reliable) solution to deal with it by now?
> Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
> Lyle
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uWSGI has full (and solid) CGI support, and it pairs perfectly with nginx:

recent releases (>= 2.0.2) supports async modes so you can spawn multiple
cgi script without the need of a 1:1 mapping with a thread.

You will find the plugin exposes features not available in apache
(included accelerators)

Roberto De Ioris

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