Dropped https client connection doesn't drop backend proxy_pass connection

Valentin V. Bartenev vbart at nginx.com
Tue May 20 04:58:23 UTC 2014

On Monday 19 May 2014 17:32:07 newnovice wrote:
> I tried with: "            proxy_pass_header       Connection;"  -- which
> should do this according to documentation: "Permits passing otherwise
> disabled header fields from a proxied server to a client."
> (from upstream_server to client)

No, it shouldn't.  If you will follow the link from "otherwise disabled",
you will see the full list of such headers, that can be specified.

I wrote in general, not about the "Connection" header.

> But this did not pass thru the Connection header coming from the
> upstream_server to the client of this proxy. 
> Valentin, can you please elaborate on how you suggest doing this: "I can try

Sorry, typo: s/I can/You can/

> by using combination of add_header and $upstream_http_*  variables." ??? 
> are you saying this 'variable' can be developed to pass on the
> upstream_http_connection header in the response ???


  wbr, Valentin V. Bartenev

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