Nginx Rewrite for Proxy Pass

bwellsnc bwellsnc at
Fri May 30 15:55:32 UTC 2014

Hello everyone, I have an interesting issue.  I am using nginx 1.6.0 to
proxy back to my Jira instance.  This is working great within my network.
This is the issue.  I am using a fortigate device to protect my network and
I want to use the https connection in the web portal to access my Jira
instance.  The problem is that jira always expects a, because that is what is set in it's base
url.  The fortigate sends this to nginx:

Jira see's this as an incorrect path and causing it to not properly.  I am
wanting to know is there a way to rewrite the path that the fortigate is
sending to nginx so that jira believe's its correct.  Thanks!

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