default nginx rewrite with regexp

Yoann Moulin yoann at
Tue Nov 18 07:30:29 UTC 2014


>> I'm working on a default server_name that match everything but www.domain.tld
>> then rewrite to www.domain.tld.
> It sounds like you may have better luck letting other server{} blocks use
> expected server_name:s; and just let the default match everything else.
> But I'm not exactly sure what it is that you do want to do and don't
> want to do.

The final goal is for a single wordpress multisite vhost that able to deliver
many domain without touching the vhost when customers want to add a new domain.

>> I must be able to make a difference between and
>> first must rewrite second, to
> Have you a list or a pattern of which endings should match the first
> pattern, and which the second? Because if you do not, you cannot
> expect nginx to know that should be handled differently
> from

The main vhost is www.* and the default one is for everything else and the idea
is to rewrite to www.*.| =>| =>

I just look for a generic vhost that able to match all domains with all tld and
gtld, but It seem that I don't have any solution.

>> But I don't find any clean solution. Is there a solution for that ? or I must
>> still list all domains in my vhost ?
> If you can specify the problem exactly, it may be possible to arrive at a solution.
> If you can't, it probably won't be.

make sense :)

> What should happen to a request for Or

I haven't this case (and hope won't have... never and my customer knows that)

Thanks for you help


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