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​ginx provides​
However, as documentation states, the timeout is set between messages, so a
fragmented answer which takes less than the timeout for each part will
You also have proxy_connect_timeout
and proxy_send_timeout
directives, if those are more suitable to you.

To craft a custom answer, I would use:
​error_page 504 @backend_timeout;
in the proxied location, associated with:
location @backend_timeout {
    return 200 "\n";
*B. R.*

On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 2:48 PM, Fritz Richter <fritz at> wrote:

> Hi together,
> we have a nginx Server serving our requests. Based on our SLAs we need to
> answer always in 7ms time. Behind the nginx Server, there is a Java
> Backend, which we proxy through the nginx.
> The requirement is saying, that in case we can not deliver our answer in
> 7ms, we need to respond with an empty String „\n“.
> Is there a ways to configure nginx in that way, that after the 7ms
> timeframe it will not wait for the backend systems answer but respond with
> this empty String?
> Thanks for your help
> fri
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