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Thu Dec 3 18:14:12 UTC 2015

NGINX devs,

I know you were very excited to remove SPDY support from NGINX, but for the
next few years there are a lot of devices (mobile devices that can't
upgrade, end users who aren't comfortable upgrading, etc) that are not
going to have http/2 support. By removing SPDY support you've created a
situation where we either have to penalize those users by forcing them to
HTTP(S) connections, or we have to forego upgrading NGINX and not offer

Cloudflare is offering both SPDY and HTTP/2 - they are a huge NGINX shop
but I'm not clear if they are using NGINX to do that or not. I'd like to
encourage you to follow their lead and reinstate the SPDY support for a
while (even if its just a compile time option thats disabled by default).
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