Maxim Konovalov maxim at nginx.com
Thu Dec 3 18:29:01 UTC 2015


On 12/3/15 9:14 PM, CJ Ess wrote:
> NGINX devs,
> I know you were very excited to remove SPDY support from NGINX, but
> for the next few years there are a lot of devices (mobile devices
> that can't upgrade, end users who aren't comfortable upgrading, etc)
> that are not going to have http/2 support. By removing SPDY support
> you've created a situation where we either have to penalize those
> users by forcing them to HTTP(S) connections, or we have to forego
> upgrading NGINX and not offer HTTP/2. 
I think these "a lot" and "many years" are just overestimation based
on the marketing buzz around spdy, http2 and other so-called


As you see, spdy penetration is just 6% and it starts to decline.
http/2 is still ~2% but growing super quickly.

And we do provide 1.8 branch which supports spdy.

> Cloudflare is offering both SPDY and HTTP/2 - they are a huge NGINX
> shop but I'm not clear if they are using NGINX to do that or not.
> I'd like to encourage you to follow their lead and reinstate the
> SPDY support for a while (even if its just a compile time option
> thats disabled by default).
As for your request: can you explain how spdy deprecation affects you
personally (not Cloudflare or other).

Maxim Konovalov

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