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Fri Feb 13 07:34:38 UTC 2015

Hi Noah, 

thanx for your guides; interesting read.

for everyone else: 

there bis a nagios-plguin to monitor the stub/status - outputs:

beside monitoring it also extracts all date from the status page and
them as performance-data for graphing and as sources for warning/critival -

    NginxStatus.Check OK | ac=1;acc=64; han=64; req=64; err=0; rpc=1; rps=0;
cps=0; dreq=1; 
                           dcon=1; read=0; writ=1; wait=0; ct=6ms;

        ac      -> active connections
        acc     -> totally accepted connections
        han     -> totally handled connections
        req     -> total requests
        err     -> diff between acc - han, thus errors
        rpc     -> requests per connection (req/han) 
        rps     -> requests per second (calculated) from last checkrun vs
actual values
        cps     -> connections per (calculated) from last checkrun vs actual
        dreq    -> request-delta from last checkrun vs actual values
        dcon    -> accepted-connection-delta from last checkrun vs actual
        read    -> reading requests from clients
        writ    -> reading request body, processes request, or writes
response to a client
        wait    -> keep-alive connections, actually it is ac - (read +
        ct      -> checktime (connection time) for this check



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