Request for thoughts / feedback: Guide on Nginx Monitoring

noahlh nginx-forum at
Thu Feb 19 19:24:53 UTC 2015

Thanks for the kind words mex -- also thank you for the nagios plugin info
-- adding that to my monitoring toolbelt.

Some more specific questions for you and others re: the guide I wrote:

- Are there any "essential" metrics I'm missing?  I listed the 14 that I
think are the most critical.
- Are there any Nginx features related to monitoring that I haven't covered
(and should cover)?
- I want to make sure I also have good coverage for monitoring potential
"breaking" issues with Nginx -- things that can overflow / top out.  I've
got open file handles as one of them, and the standard server-related stuff
(cpu, memory, disk, bandwidth).  Anything Nginx-specific I'm missing that
are critical and could cause the application to sputter?

Many continued thanks.


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