Reverse proxy, proxy_pass

Amir Kaivani amir.kaivani at
Wed Jan 6 23:52:20 UTC 2016

Hi there,

Here is a part of my nginx config file:

location /test/ {
   proxy_pass http://localhost:1024/;

If I have it as above the GET /test/xxxx request will be sent to port 1024
as /xxxx and it also decodes the URI.

I know that if I remove / from the end of proxy_pass then it'll send the
URI without decoding special characters (such as %2F). But in this case it
sends /test/xxxx to port 1024.

So, my question is how I can get nginx to remove /test/ from the URI but
does NOT decode special characters (such as %2F)?

Thank you for your help.
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