Connecting Nginx to LDAP/Kerberos

Joshua Schaeffer jschaeffer0922 at
Mon Sep 12 19:04:28 UTC 2016

Greetings Nginx list,

I've setup git-http-backend on a sandbox nginx server to host my git
projects inside my network. I'm trying to get everything setup so that I
can require auth to that server block using SSO, which I have setup and
working with LDAP and Kerberos.

I have all my accounts in Kerberos which is stored in OpenLDAP and
authentication works via GSSAPI. How do I get my git server block to use my
central authentication? Does anybody have any experience in setting this up?

I've found a couple git projects which enhances Nginx to support LDAP


I've gone through the reference implementation (nginx-ldap-auth), but found
that this won't work for me as I use GSSAPI for my authentication.

Looking to see if anybody has done something like this and what their
experience was. Let me know if you'd like to see any of my nginx
configuration files.

Joshua Schaeffer
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