Don't process requests containing folders

Grant emailgrant at
Mon Sep 12 23:32:28 UTC 2016

>> location ~ (^/[^/]*|.html)$ {}
> Yes, that should do what you describe.

I realize now that I didn't define the requirement properly.  I said:
"match requests with a single / or ending in .html" but what I need
is: "match requests with a single / *and* ending in .html, also match
/".  Will this do it:

location ~ ^(/[^/]*\.html|/)$ {}

> Note that the . is a metacharacter for "any one"; if you really want
> the five-character string ".html" at the end of the request, you should
> escape the . to \.

Fixed.  Do I ever need to escape / in location blocks?

>> And let everything else match the following, most of which will 404 (cheaply):
>> location / { internal; }
> Testing and measuring might show that "return 404;" is even cheaper than
> "internal;" in the cases where they have the same output. But if there
> are cases where the difference in output matters, or if the difference
> is not measurable, then leaving it as-is is fine.

I'm sure you're right.  I'll switch to:

location / { return 404; }

- Grant

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