Nginx - API Gateway is not forwarding the request to Auth Service

zaidahmd nginx-forum at
Tue Apr 11 06:04:32 UTC 2017

Hi Maxim,

Thanks for the response.

As you said below,

> Instead, it issues a 
> subrequest for every incoming request, and allows further 
> processing of the request if and only if the subrequest returns 
> 200.

This means my authentication service will be getting a subrequest to /login
everytime a request reaches nginx. And if the subrequest returns 401 then it
means the user needs to login. So kindly help me that how can I show a login
page if a subrequest throws 401 ? My authentication service is sending a
redirect in response alongwith the 401 status? 

When I access my authentication service directly from browser without a
logged-in session id, my browser is getting a 401 with redirect to /login
which is login page. I want this same behaviour in my NGINX API gateway i.e.
NGINX sends each request to API gateway if the request needs to be logged in
a login page should be shown otherwise let the request access the resource.
And I followed the nginx auth_request user guide to configure this as I
showed my config in first thread.

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