How to create a reverse and SSL proxy for xpra.

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Fri Feb 16 14:32:59 UTC 2018

I want to create a reverse and SSL proxy for xpra  -, a
remote desktop facility for X windows, like x2go and VNC. The proxy is
targeted at the HTML5 option which allows the info to be transferred via

The way to connect directly to an xpra HTML5 server is to enter the address
and the port directly to the browser eg. A page
appears prompting for the target  server and port, login credentials and a
few others, and when filled properly the desktop comes up.

This is my first attempt to create an nginx proxy from scratch and I have
already  hit a snag.

My aim is to have different locations connecting to server:port
connections, so I have something like this

location /xpra {
    # proxy_pass;
    proxy_http_version 1.1;
    proxy_buffering off;

proxy_pass is the main option whose relevance I have checkied, the  other
two are options which seem to useful.

Whenever i try to open a page http//:, the following
Error response

Error code 404.

Message: File not found.

Error code explanation: 404 = Nothing matches the given URI.

The code for the client is at -
Frank Church

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