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Wed Feb 28 13:41:47 UTC 2018


On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 05:22:14AM -0500, Andrzej Walas wrote:

> Can you answer?

The last recommendation you were given is to find out who and why 
killed nginx worker process, see here:

If you think nginx processes are no longer killed, please make 
sure it is indeed the case: that is, make sure you've stopped 
nginx (make sure "ps -ef | grep nginx" shows no nginx processes), 
started it again (record "ps -ef | grep nginx" output here), and 
you've started to see "ignore long locked" messages after it, and 
no any critical / alert messages in between.  Additionally, 
compare "ps -ef | grep nginx" output with what you've got right 
after start - to make sure there are the same worker processes, 
and no processes were lost or restarted.

You may want to share all intermediate results of these steps here 
for us to make sure you've did it right.

If any of these steps indicate that nginx processes are still 
killed, consider further investigating the reasons.

If these steps demonstrate that "ignore long locked" messages 
appear without any crashes, consider testing various other things 
to futher isolate the cause.  In particular, if you use http2 - 
try disabling it to see if it helps.  If it does, we need debug 
logs of all requests to a particular resource since nginx start till 
"ignore long locked" message.  Futher information on how to 
configure debug logging can be found here:

Note though that enabling debug logging will result in a lot of 
logs, and obtaining required logs with "inactive" set to 1d might 
not be trivial as you'll have to store at least the whole day of 
debug logs till the "ignore long locked" message will appear.

Maxim Dounin

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