status/usage of FRiCKLE/ngx_cache_purge. still reliable? alternatives?

PGNet Dev at
Thu Jun 7 16:42:08 UTC 2018

On 6/7/18 9:27 AM, Reinis Rozitis wrote:
> this patch 

Noted, thx.

> In my case at one project we decided/had to switch to nginx caching from 
> varnish because varnish (even you are using disk based (mmap/file) 
> backend storage) has a memory overhead per cacheable object (like ~1Kb)
> While 1Kb doesn't sound much when you start to have milions of objects 
> it adds up and in this case even we had several terabytes of fast SSDs 
> the actual bottleneck ended was there was not enough ram  - the 
> instances had only limited 32 Gb so in general there couldnt be more 
> than 33 milion cached objects. Nginx on the other on the same hardware 
> deals with 800+ milion (and increasing) objects without a problem.

Point taken.  Not an issue for my typical use case; may come up in 
future, so good to remember.

> p.s. there is also obviously the ssl thing with varnish vs nginx .. but 
> thats another topic.

No real "vs" or "thing" IME.  nginx(ssl terminator) -> varnish -> nginx 
works quite nicely.

There's also Varnish's terminator, Hitch, as an alternative,

which I've been told works well; I haven't bothered since I've already 
got nginx in place on the backend -- adding a listener on the frontend 
is trivial.

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