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I am following the example posted by 

Here is my code to do the logic, but I checking the java library provided by this nginx-clojure  I can not figure out how to get  "cookie" header value from the http request ( it use here.  Any help are appreciated.!

Here is my nginx.conf

location /java {
          content_handler_type  java;
          content_handler_name  example.MyHandler;

Here is my  java code

package example;

import static nginx.clojure.MiniConstants.*;
import static nginx.clojure.NginxClojureRT.*;

import java.util.Map;
import org.onap.portalsdk.core.onboarding.util.CipherUtil;

import nginx.clojure.MiniConstants;

public class MyHandler implements NginxJavaRingHandler {

	public MyHandler() {

	public Object[] invoke(Map<String, Object> request) throws IOException {
		NginxJavaRequest req = ((NginxJavaRequest)request);
		// TODO  Need Figure out how to get Cookie from the request
		String encryptedCookie = req.getVariable("cookie");   // not sure if it is correct
		if (encryptedCookie == null) 
			return new Object[] { 
			NGX_HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED, //http status 401
		String decryptedCookie = "";
		    try {
		    	decryptedCookie = CipherUtil.decryptPKC(encryptedCookie);
		    } catch (Exception e) {
		return  new Object[] { 
			NGX_HTTP_OK, //http status 200


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On 2019-05-22 14:02, Jennie Jia wrote:
> The java library is ONAP Portal/SDK

If you can find the cookie decryption library, then you can call it from clojure -- though spinning up a clojure/java runtime to get access to a cookie seems to be expensive unless you're already writing clojure code.

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