Nginx with Java library

Patrick 201904-nginx at
Fri May 24 02:02:34 UTC 2019

On 2019-05-23 21:29, Jennie Jia wrote:
> Here is my code to do the logic, but I checking the java library
> provided by this nginx-clojure
> I can not figure out how to get  "cookie" header value from the http
> request ( it use here.  Any help are
> appreciated.!

> 	public Object[] invoke(Map<String, Object> request) throws IOException {
> 		NginxJavaRequest req = ((NginxJavaRequest)request);
> 		// TODO  Need Figure out how to get Cookie from the request
 		//String encryptedCookie = req.getVariable("cookie");
 		String encryptedCookie = (String) ((Map)request.get(HEADERS)).get("cookie");

If all that is needed is the decrypted cookie contents, and the backend
is written in another language, consider porting the cookie decryption
code to that language as ONAP uses the SunJCE flavor of AES/CBC/NoPadding

Note that to decrypt the cookie, the ONAP crypto config needs to be ported to
the nginx-clojure app as well.


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