Making subrequests from handler

Peter Leonov pl at
Sat Nov 28 04:04:41 MSK 2009

On 27.11.2009, at 10:09, Igor Sysoev wrote:

>> I must say the basic idea of subrequests called by a scripting
>> language like JS is definitely great. Why not scripting all the Nginx
>> internal infrastructure directly for our apps? It's really a pity to
>> just use Nginx as a boring proxy to the bloated FastCGI apps or even
>> to an Apache monster ;)
>> We're also going to turn coco lua to a first-class citizen in Nginx
>> module development just like C. Transparent non-blocking I/O is also a
>> plus here when compared to plain C coding. It's interesting to do the
>> same with other interpreters if the C-level coroutine support is in
>> place.
> The main issue with language embedding is handling out of memory case.
> Some languages do not check allocation results (perl), some simply exit
> on failure.
> I will probably add V8 javascript.
Wow, that gonna be great! I like JavaScript so much :)
Do you need a maintainer for this module or other sort of help?

IMHO, you'v made a right choice: v8 is much faster than spidermonkey (doh!) at the time. All my in-browser tests tell me so :) Only squirrelfish extreme may be of compare.

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> Igor Sysoev

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