[PATCH 21 of 31] Fix cpu hog with all upstream servers marked "down"

Oded Arbel oded at geek.co.il
Mon Aug 15 18:46:24 UTC 2011

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> Ip hash balancer doesn't support "backup" servers (and it will
> complain loudly if you place "ip_hash" before servers).  Could you
> please check if you still see the problem after removing backup
> server?

After removing the backup server, I don't get the 100% cpu behavior again. Thanks for noting that.

> You mean the one from Evan Miller's upstream hash module, as
> available at http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpUpstreamRequestHashModule?

Indeed. It is not enabled in our default configuration and used in the testing environment. I don't expect it to be related to the problem but mentioned it for completeness.

Oded <oded at geek.co.il>

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