ngx_http_send_response is not sending big buffer

vivek goel goelvivek2011 at
Fri Apr 6 07:25:55 UTC 2012

I am writing my own module.
I am getting error with function ngx_http_send_response it is not sending
complete buffer if buffer is big.

I have following code

  ngx_http_complex_value_t cv;
 ngx_int_t rc = ProcessNginxRequest(r, &cv);
 ngx_http_finalize_request(r, NGX_HTTP_OK);
return rc;

Sudo Code for ProccessNginxRequest is like this
ngx_str_set(&cv->value,"A BIG STRING OF LENGTH 401481")

But response coming from the server is truncated.
How to fix this problem ?

Vivek Goel
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