[ANN] Test::Nginx 0.19 released!

agentzh agentzh at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 04:43:31 UTC 2012

Hi, folks!

After almost three months' active development, I just uploaded
Test::Nginx 0.19 to CPAN:


It will appear on the CPAN mirror near you in the next few hours or so.

Special thanks go to all of our contributors and users :)

Here's the complete change log for this release (compared to the last
CPAN release, 0.18):

* feature: added new section "--- error_code_like".

* bugfix: tests could hang on slow machines after maximal number of
connecting attempts (as well as other exceptions). Now we eliminate
dying directly from within the test scaffold. Instead, we always use
Test::More::BAIL_OUT. Also, we always politely clean up all the forked
child processes before we quit. Finally, we add timeout protection to
the connect operation.

* bugfix: prevented blocking indefinitely on ForkManager's
wait_all_children call. also made timeout an API provided by
feature: now we preserve environment "MOCKEAGAIN" as well.

* bugfix: the timestamps for the "--- user_files" directive should be
GMT rather than localtime.

* feature: now section "no_error_log" also supports multi-line values
to mean multiple literal patterns (per line).

* feature: the "--- user_files" sections now support absolute file
paths and creating arbitrarily nested directories in the file path.
thanks @penjin2012 for suggesting it.

* feature: the "--- error_log" section now supports multiple lines to
mean multiple literal patterns.

* bugfix: fixed places that crash for bad responses.

* bugfix: fixed another crash when no response object is constructed.

This Perl module provides a test scaffold based on IO::Socket (or LWP)
for automated testing in Nginx C module development.

This class inherits from Test::Base, thus bringing all its declarative
power to the Nginx C module testing practices.

Please check out the full documentation on CPAN:


All of our Nginx modules (as well as our lua-resty-* libraries) are
using Test::Nginx to drive their test suites.

Please note that this module is completely different from the
Test::Nginx module created by Maxim Dounin.


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