memcache_assume_gzipped for 1.2.6

Daniel Church crazynorman at
Thu Dec 20 19:51:44 UTC 2012

I'm running nginx on a cheap VPS, which has pretty horrible disk i/o.  As
such I keep most of my content in memcached so that nginx never has to hit
the disk, a good mix of cached dynamic and cached static content.  I wanted
to use GZIP compression without wasting CPU cycles gzipping memcached
content over and over again.

I created a flag "memcache_assume_gzipped" to the memcache module.  If you
turn it on for a location, it will append "Content-type: gzip" to the
headers of the response inside the memcache module.  This way, you can gzip
content (level 9), store it straight into memcache, and then nginx will
return it with the appropriate headers.  Example here:

Is this something anyone is interested in incorporating into the current
stable branch, or is it too much of a niche need?  If anyone wants it, I
can throw together a patch file.

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