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Thu Jan 12 12:30:21 UTC 2012

On 12 Jan 2012 09h49 WET, toli at wrote:

> I know this configuration variable. It has been added by Maxim last
> mouth in unstable (as i remembered but I am not absolutely sure). It
> seem to be a workaround and will not solve the problem. I think it
> is unusable.
> If we use it for the same case: In first 1 second A receives 1000
> requests. Only 1 request will be send to B, for first request that A
> receives. The others 999 will wait for example 5 seconds. The link
> btw A and B is 1 MB per second and for 5 seconds A may receive 5 MB
> of data, so after 5 seconds 999 requests will be sent to B.
> Is it right?

Why don't use incron or other inotify based tool to pre-fetch the
assets? There's also
which IMO seems more adequate to your setup.

Other option is to use something like auth_request with a script or
the embedded Lua ( or Perl modules
( and do some scripting.

--- appa

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