Patch proposal: allow alternatives to 503 status code in limit_req module

Nick Marden nick at
Sat Mar 2 02:23:08 UTC 2013

Hey there,

I've been doing some work using limit_req to prevent overzealous clients
from DOS'ing my site. Specifically, I wanted to use a different HTTP status
code such as 420 or 429 so that it would be straightforward to show a "hey
man, chill out" page rather than my generic 503 error page.

Attached is a patch that enables this option for the limit_req directive.
It still defaults to 503, but you can set it to any 4xx or 5xx value of
your choosing by specifying

limit_req zone=foo burst=10 status_code=420;

for example.

I hope I've sent this to the right place. Please let me know where else to
send it if I'm in the wrong place.


Nick Marden
nick at
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