Intercepting USR1 in a module

Andrew Punch apunch at
Thu Feb 13 00:15:41 UTC 2014


I am maintaining a custom module for nginx. We currently rotate our logs
and load dynamic data every 5 minutes by using SIGHUP. Unfortunately this
is also tears down our keepalive connections which harms our performance
(we are handling about 1500 requests per second per server). We have a
number of custom log files in addition to the access log and error log
which also need to be rotated.

I was hoping that I could use SIGUSR1 to reopen the logs (including the
module's custom logs) and notify the module that it should reload the
dynamic data without dropping the keepalive connections.

I can see that I could use ngx_conf_open_file() to open the module's custom
log files so that nginx will take care of reopening them. However for
reloading the dynamic data: I can't see a way to hook the SIGUSR1 in the
worker process (which shows up as a NGX_CMD_REOPEN in the channel for the
worker process). However if I added a new hook for NGX_CMD_REOPEN then
epoll inside the channel handler would probably return EEXIST.

So what is the best way for a module to hook NGX_CMD_REOPEN? Or is there
better way of approaching this?



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