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I'm aware 1.9.5 isn't supported yet and that SPDY is mentioned in the docs as non-working for certain API calls as well. However, we are have been using location.capture with SPDY for a while now and haven't seen any issues. Information on why and what issues are present is a little fuzzy (and searching only returns old stuff that some sources claim not to apply anymore), can you provide some details?

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On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 1:14 AM, Carlos Eduardo Ferreira Rodrigues wrote:
> I just upgraded nginx to 1.9.5 on our testing enviroment, and immediately started seeing this error on http2 requests:
> 2015/09/22 18:04:06 [alert] 27305#27305: *1 epoll_ctl(1, 17) failed (17: File exists), client: x.x.x.x, server: _, request: "GET ... HTTP/2.0", subrequest: "...", host: "..."
> The subrequest is being made from Lua code using "ngx.location.capture()", so I understand this may be an issue with ngx_lua and not nginx itself. However, this worked fine with nginx 1.8.0/1.9.4 and spdy and nothing else has changed.

The ngx.location.capture* API does not support SPDY nor HTTP 2.0
(yet). We may add such support in the future.

Oh, BTW, nginx 1.9.5 is not listed in the compatible nginx core list yet:


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