Fwd: Constant Bit Rate delivery from NginX during Reverse Proxy

Gurumurthi K guruper at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 16:01:23 UTC 2016

Hi Team,

We are trying to integrate NginX Plus 1.9.12 as the Mid-Tier caching layer
with reverse proxy configured for upstream Device (Persistent Store) for
the Content Delivery Network (Video) which works with the Constant Bit Rate
delivery for the Down streaming to STB

We have enabled slice module and configured the slice of 5MB and try to run
a test we observed the NginX is not able to downstream the data at the
requested BitRate, For example assume

Edge Device to STB ó NginX ó Persistent Store, while we try to request with
3.75Mbps bitrate between these devices we could see our Persistent Store is
able to transfer at 3.75Mbps and transfer from NginX is between 1.25Mbps to
4Mbps based on the catchup, sometime we are observing Nginx is transmitting
at few Kbps

While analyzing the wireshark capture we noticed that even though there are
enough receive window Nginx is unable to serve the data because that is
currently been filled from the upstream server at the same bitrate, While
analyzing we found that Nginx will transfer only when the slice is cached

Please let us know what kind of configuration which we can make to ensure
Nginx transfers (limit-at) the rate requested, Attached our configuration



P.S: please reroute to the appropriate alias if you are not intended
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