nginx Architectural Patterns & Quality Attributes for Research

Michael Skeen mmskeen at
Mon Oct 17 22:21:20 UTC 2016

     Hello nginx Community,
     I am part of an undergraduate research group focusing on   software  
architecture patterns and quality attributes   at Utah Valley University.    
We recently analyzed the work published on   nginx   in    the Architecture  
of Open Source Applications    (AOSA) and referenced it in a paper we  
presented at the 13th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture  
(WICSA), as attached.  As a part of our continuing research we wish to  
validate our architectural analysis for   nginx   with the current  
     We would like to know if we are missing any patterns or quality  
attributes that may have been included in   nginx  , or if there are any we  
listed that aren’t used. Any additional comment on these topics you might  
have would also, of course, be welcome.
     We believe we found the following software architectural patterns in  
this application:
           Pattern Name    |   Is This Found in the Architecture? (yes / no  
/ don't know)  | Comments (optional)          Event System
      Explicit Invocation
      Indirection Layer
      Pipes & Filters         Other?
     We also identified the following quality attributes:
           Attribute Name    |   Is This Found in the Architecture?        
|     Comments (optional)          Scalability
      Maintainability         Other?
     For your convenience, we have a complete list below of the patterns and  
quality attributes we referred to when conducting our research. To clarify,  
we are specifically studying   architectural   patterns, rather than design  
patterns such as the GoF patterns.

               Architectural Patterns Considered
     Quality Attributes Considered        Active Repository
     Scalability        Batch
     Usability        Blackboard
     Extensibility        Broker
     Performance        Client Server
     Portability        Event System
     Flexibility        Explicit Invocation
     Reliability        Implicit Invocation
     Maintainability        Indirection Layer
     Security        Interceptor
     Testability        Interpreter
     Capacity        Layers
     Cost        Master and Commander
     Legality        Microkernel
     Modularity        Model View Controller
     Robustness        Peer to Peer

       Pipes and Filters


       Presentation Abstraction Control

       Publish Subscribe


       Rule-Based System

       Shared Repository

       Simple Repository

       State Based

       Virtual Machine

     Please respond by October 25th, if possible.         Thank you for  
considering our request, and for your continued work on nginx  .
     Michael Skeen, with    Erich Gubler,    Danielle Skinner,    Brandon  
Leishman,    Neil Harrison, Ph.D. (advisor)

      Reference: Neil B. Harrison, Erich Gubler, Danielle Skinner,  
"Software Architecture Pattern Morphology in Open-Source  
Systems",  WICSA  , 2016, 2016 13th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on  
Software Architecture (WICSA), 2016 13th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on  
Software Architecture (WICSA) 2016, pp. 91-98, doi:10.1109/WICSA.2016.8

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