[PATCH] HTTP/2: add debug logging of control frames

Piotr Sikora piotrsikora at google.com
Mon Jun 19 14:28:29 UTC 2017

Hey Valentin,

> Ok, I've already resigned myself to multiline output, but don't let it
> look like an another SETTINGS frame.
> IMHO, something like that will be good enough:
>    http2 send SETTINGS frame
>    http2 SETTINGS param INITIAL_WINDOW_SIZE: 65536
>    http2 SETTINGS param MAX_FRAME_SIZE: 16777215

Done, with retained "send " prefix to differentiate params that we
send and receive.

I've also re-added params counter to the "send SETTINGS frame", by
setting "len" value a bit sooner, so that the number of params is
calculated and cannot be forgotten in subsequent commits.

Best regards,
Piotr Sikora

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