Preserving Proxied server original Chunk sizes

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I am contacting you for support regarding

While trying to use Nginx-Ingress-controller in K8s, ran into issue related to the behavior of nginx proxy,

The proxied backend server (our NGW) is set to return audio in chunks of http to the client with multiparts & Some of our clients (already in the field) have so far expected every single HTTP chunk to contain a full part of an audio a single audio segment may not be broken across several HTTP chunks.

For our use case, we had to set the  proxy_buffering : off so to allow the nginx to send back results as soon as possible to not increase the CPL, But as a side effect, we noticed that the nginx was NOT trying to preserve the chunks sizes sent back by the proxied server (NGW), which would cause clients in the field to break.

So a single Audio part that is sent back by the NGW with a single http chunk of size 24838 may be broken into 5 or 6 chunks returned by nginx-proxy to the client  with the total size amounting to the same thing.... We suspect this is due to the speed to read/write of the responses on Nginx, and it may read a single chunk in separate calls (example 12000 bytes then another 11000 bytes then another 1838 bytes)  and because buffering is OFF...these things are being sent back as independent chunks to the client.

We understand that the behavior of nginx is fully compliant with http chunking and that the client app should be better implemented to not assume coupling of chunks and audio segments full parts, BUT, customers app already in the field cannot be helped,

Enabling proxy_buffering : on is not an option, as it delay responses until ALL the audio segments are ready (from all chunks) and it breaks the 1chunk to 1 audio segment rule as well.

Could you please advise if there is any way to control the nginx buffering to allow it to buffer per Chunk, ir do not send back received data unless a full Http chunk is read.... ?

Thank you for you support



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