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I answered inline... 

12.02.2020 18:59, Yury Shpakov wrote: 

> Hi Sergey, 
> Thank you for you response. 
> I tried netstat /nabo and I don't see any reference to port 9000 at all. 
> So a problem is to make nginx to listen on port 9000 (as server)? 
> Or nginx is not listening on port 9000 but rather sending requests to port 9000 (as client)?

With setting of `auth_http`, you are defining an URL to the service
responsible for authentication (and upstream choice). 
Of course then you should have something that would response to the
auth-requests (your own upstream, or some nginx location, or some
"foreign" http-server). 

See [11]
for more examples. 

> Maybe it's easier not to use auth_http at all? I was trying to remove it from configuration file but nginx was not happy.

I have my own auth-module so I don't know how it can be solved in
stock-nginx without this directive. 

Take a look here -
[12] - you can use some nginx location (and internal URL to same nginx
instance) to specify that.

Anyway it is recommended to use some auth (on nginx side), because it'd
preserve the resources of mail-servers, allow you to authenticate email
clients with same user/password for all mail-servers (smtp, imap, pop3,
etc) as well as the same user/pwd as for some other http-services. And
it is used to choose an upstream server (if multiple) for the email

> At this point I don't need any authentication. I was told by my boss to use nginx for load testing of our service sending emails (SMTP client). I've got some SMTP Server and nginx would be used as SMTP proxy because it allows to set up delays.

Well, an auth request to some nginx-location would allow you to set up
delays even on authentication phase. 

> And take into account that I REMOVED "--with-http_ssl_module" from parameters when I was building nginx. 
> And you advised to download some nginx.exe files but I believe they were built without "--with-mail" parameter (which I need).

Although, it was compiled with "--with-mail" (you can see all parameters
in provided GH-link [9]) 
But it would not help, because basically your issue seems to be the
configuration (not the nginx.exe). 

> Thank you, 
> Yury 
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> It looks like your service defined in auth_http doesn't answer (or no listener on port 9000?)... 
> try netstat (in cmd as admin): 
> netstat /nabo
> netstat /nabo | grep -A 1 ":9000b" 
> and check whether the listener on port 9000 is bound to (or it is only?) and it is the process you expect to see there (can be "reserved" by some other windows-service). 
> additionally try to telnet or curl it: 
> curl -H "Auth-Method: plain" -H "Auth-User: user" -H "Auth-Pass: pwd" -H "Auth-Protocol: imap" -H "Auth-Login-Attempt: 1" -i 
> if it does not answer, make another attempt by replace with (or a host-name). 
> If it answers - see whether it is the expected response (some examples of good and bad responses are described in [7]). 
> But I guess if WSASend fails, it would probably (unexpected) reject the connection during the send (or even connect) process.
> It can be also invalid (unexpected) content-length in keep-alive connect to auth-upstream - so send but still receive is expected (or vice versa). 
> Also follow this forum topic addressing similar issue:,257206,257207#msg-257207 [8] 
> Anyway it doesn't look to me like an issue of nginx (regardless windows or not), but you can also try some other ready build (for example on my GH [9] - [10], where it works well). 
> Regards,
> Sergey 
> 12.02.2020 03:01, Yury Shpakov wrote: 
>> Hi there, 
>> Trying to make nginx work as SMTP server and/or SMTP proxy. Done everything according to: 
>> [2] 
>> But excluded (don't care about SSL at this point so don't want to install/configure Perl now): 
>> --with-openssl=objs/lib/openssl-master 
>> --with-openssl-opt=no-asm 
>> --with-http_ssl_module 
>> And added: 
>> --with-mail
>> nmake was successful and nginx.exe was created. 
>> However nginx.exe keeps failing with the error: 
>> WSASend() failed (10057: A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket using a sendto call) no address was supplied) while in http auth state, client:, server: 
>> Windows API says the following about this error: 
>> Socket is not connected.A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket using SENDTO [3]) no address was supplied. Any other type of operation might also return this error--for example, SETSOCKOPT [4] setting SO_KEEPALIVE [5] if the connection has been reset.
>> [6]
>> Windows Sockets Error Codes (Winsock2.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs [6] 
>> Return code/value Description; WSA_INVALID_HANDLE 6: Specified event object handle is invalid. An application attempts to use an event object, but the specified handle is not valid. 
>> Managed to debug your code in VS 2010 a little bit but it's brutal C so it's hard to figure your code out. And this debugger doesn't show you any local variables values. 
>> Any recommendation for me to make it work? 
>> Tried to play with config (commenting/uncommenting): 
>> #user nobody; 
>> worker_processes 1; 
>> #error_log logs/error.log; 
>> #error_log logs/error.log notice; 
>> #error_log logs/error.log info; 
>> #pid logs/; 
>> events { 
>> worker_connections 1024; 
>> } 
>> mail { 
>> server_name localhost; 
>> auth_http localhost:9000/cgi-bin/nginxauth.cgi; 
>> # auth_http none; 
>> smtp_auth none; 
>> # smtp_auth login plain cram-md5; 
>> # smtp_capabilities "SIZE 10485760" ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES 8BITMIME DSN; 
>> xclient off; 
>> server { 
>> listen 8025; 
>> protocol smtp; 
>> proxy on; 
>> proxy_pass_error_message on; 
>> } 
>> } Tried both under a regular user and under admin. Tried on 25, 1025 and 8025 ports. 
>> Thank you, 
>> Yury 
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