Does NJS support reg ex positive look behinds?

Shani Ranasinghe shanira14 at
Fri Jan 31 09:06:54 UTC 2020

I would like to know if njs supports regex positive look behinds.
I have written a script in perl and would like to convert it to njs. The
reg ex I have in perl is
This would give the following outputs.

*Inputs and expected outputs* are *listed below* in the format *Input ->
Expected Output*


   InstallAndSetup -> install-and-setup

   DeployingABCDefGhijk -> deploying-abc-def-ghijk (assuming abc is a noun
   that is frequently used)
   3. OpenIDConnect -> openid-connect
   4. OAuth2Scopes->oauth2-scopes
   5. APISecurity -> api-security

I would like to know if there's a way to achieve this with njs?

Thank you in advance.
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