nginx & SSLCertificateChainFile

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Sun Jul 10 02:01:36 MSD 2005

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очень интересует, будет ли аналог директивы SSLCertificateChainFile mod_ssl.
Нужно устанавливать intermediate certificate для работы с подписанными 
сертефикатами, иначе некоторые браузеры ругаются.

 >Before you install your Web Server Certificate you must install our 
intermediate certificate -- sf_issuing.crt  -- on your Web server. An 
intermediate certificate is a subordinate certificate issued by the 
trusted root specifically to issue end-entity server certificates. The 
result is a chain that begins at the trusted root CA, through the 
intermediate certificate, and ending with the Web Server SSL certificate 
issued to you. Such a certificate is called "chained root certificate." 
The usage of an intermediate certificate thus provides an added level of 
security as the Certification Authority (CA) does not need to issue 
certificates directly from its CA root certificate.

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