Debian packages for nginx 0.4.1 WAS Re: nginx-0.4.1

José Parrella joseparrella at
Thu Sep 14 19:18:18 MSD 2006

Igor Sysoev escribió:
> Изменения в nginx 0.4.1                                          
> 14.09.2006

Привет от Venezuela!

Моим именем будет Jose Parrella. Я не говорю русского, так угодите
простиньте моей английской языку здесь.

I have prepared Debian packages for nginx 0.4.1, which are available in
[1]. These should be in the official mirrors by the end of this week. I
have been working recently with another small Web server (Cherokee) but
some developers working with Ruby on Rails told me about nginx, which
I'm currently testing. Please keep up the good work, and please let me
know if you find any inconsistency in the Debian packages I'm providing.



José M. Parrella -> Debian Sid, k2.6.17.13
Escuela de Ingenieria Electrica
Universidad Central de Venezuela ->

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