Debian packages for nginx 0.4.1 WAS Re: nginx-0.4.1

Igor Sysoev is at
Thu Sep 14 19:38:09 MSD 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, [UTF-8] Jos? Parrella wrote:

> Igor Sysoev escribiЪЪ:
>> Изменения в nginx 0.4.1
>> 14.09.2006
> Привет от Venezuela!
> Моим именем будет Jose Parrella. Я не говорю русского, так угодите
> простиньте моей английской языку здесь.
> I have prepared Debian packages for nginx 0.4.1, which are available in
> [1]. These should be in the official mirrors by the end of this week. I
> have been working recently with another small Web server (Cherokee) but
> some developers working with Ruby on Rails told me about nginx, which
> I'm currently testing. Please keep up the good work, and please let me
> know if you find any inconsistency in the Debian packages I'm providing.
> Yours,
> Jose
> [1]

Hi, I have just subscribed you to English list nginx at
Please update package to 0.4.2, where O_NOATIME bug fixed.

Igor Sysoev

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