Re: Тюнинг FreeBSD+Nginx

Adrenalin adrenalinup at
Mon Nov 2 00:49:43 MSK 2009

Может поможет, презетация нашего любимого Игоря Сисоева по тюнигу

HighLoad ++/2009 freebsd7,
2007 - freebsd6

Если много памяти
# Virtual Memory

"A vnode is the internal representation of a file or directory. So
increasing the number of vnodes available to the operating system cuts
down on disk I/O. Normally this is handled by the operating system and
does not need to be changed. In some cases where disk I/O is a
bottleneck and the system is running out of vnodes, this setting will
need to be increased. The amount of inactive and free RAM will need to
be taken into account."

Adrenalin of Moldova.

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