accept() failed (53: Software caused connection abort)

bas bas at
Tue Nov 3 00:11:31 MSK 2009


Заметил, что в error_log периодически проскакивают "пачки" таких ошибок:
2009/11/03 02:00:30 [error] 82621#0: accept() failed (53: Software caused
connection abort)

Подскажите пожалуйста, отчего это может быть и как с этим бороться?

ОС: FreeBSD 7.2
nginx 0.7.63

# netstat -m
130/650/780 mbufs in use (current/cache/total)
128/262/390/16960 mbuf clusters in use (current/cache/total/max)
128/256 mbuf+clusters out of packet secondary zone in use (current/cache)
0/61/61/8480 4k (page size) jumbo clusters in use (current/cache/total/max)
0/0/0/4240 9k jumbo clusters in use (current/cache/total/max)
0/0/0/2120 16k jumbo clusters in use (current/cache/total/max)
288K/930K/1219K bytes allocated to network (current/cache/total)
0/0/0 requests for mbufs denied (mbufs/clusters/mbuf+clusters)
0/0/0 requests for jumbo clusters denied (4k/9k/16k)
0/40/4496 sfbufs in use (current/peak/max)
0 requests for sfbufs denied
0 requests for sfbufs delayed
3045 requests for I/O initiated by sendfile
0 calls to protocol drain routines
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