Re: интерпретация переменных внутри PHP VALUE и PHP ADMIN VALUE для PHP-FPM

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Вт Июл 12 17:00:12 UTC 2011

On 12 Jul 2011 17h19 WEST, mdounin at wrote:

I'm reposting this in English. Translating the Russian generated by
google translate back to English reveals a complete mess. 

I'm sorry for imposing my limitations (nil Russian language skills :()
on everyone else here. I know it's rude. 

> geo $x {
> default "${include_path}:/my/other/include/path";
> }

I don't think Maxim suggestion will work, because include_path is a
runtime parameter, not a regular variable. It must be accessed using
ini_get('include_path') and set via ini_set.
--- appa

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