Re: интерпретация переменных внутри PHP VALUE и PHP ADMIN VALUE для PHP-FPM

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Вт Июл 12 17:52:43 UTC 2011


On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 06:00:12PM +0100, perusio at wrote:

> On 12 Jul 2011 17h19 WEST, mdounin at wrote:
> I'm reposting this in English. Translating the Russian generated by
> google translate back to English reveals a complete mess. 
> I'm sorry for imposing my limitations (nil Russian language skills :()
> on everyone else here. I know it's rude. 
> > geo $x {
> > default "${include_path}:/my/other/include/path";
> > }
> I don't think Maxim suggestion will work, because include_path is a
> runtime parameter, not a regular variable. It must be accessed using
> ini_get('include_path') and set via ini_set.

It will work in sense "nginx will pass this string as is to php", 
i.e. the ugly hack in question solves the problem "how to escape 
'$' and avoid it being interpretted as nginx variable start".

I've never claimed this will do something sensible on php side 
(and even explicitly stated this referring to your reply while 
re-posting this answer on english list, see [1]).


Maxim Dounin

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