Hiring Coder to Make xsl_stylesheet compatible with sub_filter and subs_filter

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Пт Сен 25 10:34:00 UTC 2015

Send a list of past modules made and a $$$ quote to develop and test this
module. I will be posting it under my github account for easy access for
myself and anyone else that needs it. I have a good budget and won't
compromise on the functionality I've requested below.

sub_filter and subs_filter [I know they are two different modules] do not
have an effect on the contents of an XSL template imported with
xsl_stylesheet.  I want to fix the xsl_stylesheet module in 1.8.0 so that
the aforementioned two directives take effect.

This is implemented with a minimal memory and zero performance footprint;
all the heavy lifting happens when nginx configuration loads/reloads.

Posted at Nginx Forum: http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?21,261838,261838#msg-261838

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