Hiring Coder to Make ngx_preload_files

Andrey Kopeyko andrey на kopeyko.ru
Пт Сен 25 18:30:24 UTC 2015

On Fri, 25 Sep 2015, vbresults wrote:

> Send a list of past modules made and a $$$ quote to develop and test this
> module.  I will be posting it under my github account for easy access for
> myself and anyone else that needs it.  I have a good budget and won't
> compromise on the functionality I've requested below.
> This module "ngx_preload_files" preloads one or more files on the filesystem
> into a single variable.  This can be used for tasks like concatenating
> critical css and javascript files and inlining them with a substitution
> module, all within Nginx.

Good day, vbresults!

This functionality seems to be already developed by Google.

Please take a look on pagespeed module

and study it's documentation on following directives
- combine_css
- combine_javascript
- inline_css
- inline_javascript

Best regards,
Andrey Kopeyko <andrey at kopeyko.ru>

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