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YS-2030 Wood CNC Router
Functional Characteristics
1. Vacuum table with 6 vacuum zones, which can absorb different size
materials, no oil vacuum pump, high suction, more convenient, stable
2. HIWIN square orbit, double slippers, bearing heavy, working steadily,
high precision, and long life time, import ball screw, high precision for
3. High speed stepper motor and drivers, and tow motors for Y axis. Max
speed is 25M/MIN. With water cooling spindle highly upgrade the processing
4. The optional equipment for spindle is Japan imported high power water
cooling motor (Japan NSK bearing) high speed spindle, stable capability.
5. Unique intelligent budget principle, fully develops the potential of the
motor and lead to high processing speed, the synchronization of curves and
straight lines, smoother curves.
6. Well compatibility: CAD/CAM designing software e.g.
Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Ucancam etc.
Apply to industry and materials
Furniture industry: the cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood, plate, doors
and Windows, tables and chairs. Decoration industry: screen, wave plates,
large wall hanging, advertising board, logo production.
Performance index
Model NOYS-2030B Wood CNC Router
Table Size2140×3500mm
X Y Z Traveling Area2000x3000*200mm
Table StructureVacuum Table
X Y Transmisson Rack Gear
Z Transmission Germany Neef Ball Screws
X Y Z guide rail TAIWAN HIWIN Square Rail
Spindle power 4.5 kw Water Cooling Spindle
Max Spindle speed24000r/ min
Max Traveling speed45m/s
Max Working speed38m/s
Processiong Accuracy±0.025mm
Reposition Accuracy≤0.025mm
Working Voltage380V /50Hz
Work-holdingT-slot Clamping
ProcessorWindows /100MHz
Operation systemDSP
Power(not include the spindle)500W
Net weight /Gross Weight1400KGS /1600KGS
Package dimension3900*2900*1540mm

Available Options for YS CNC Router
YS CNC router optional accessories:

Working tableSpindle 
(0-9.0KW)SystemZ axis sizeDriver and motorRotary axis diameter
March 3 DSP0-23.6inch 
 0-600mmStepper or servo0-19.6inch 

 YS cnc router model 
 Process areaWorking area
(inch/mm)Max working speedTravel speed
YS 404015.715.75.915.7*15.7787inch/s 
YS 606023.623.65.923.6*23.6
YS 609023.635.45.923.6*35.4
YS 121247.247.27.847.2*47.2
YS 122447.294.47.847.2*94.4
YS 132551987.851*98
YS 1530591187.859*118
YS 203078.71187.878.7*118
YS 204078.7157.47.878.7*157.4

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